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MINIMALIST Two-Storey Residence IN
Porto Heli

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the property


Lower Level | 1 Bedroom, en-suite bathroom, Build-In Closet, Private porch, Gym and/or Play Room, 1 WC, Linen – Laundry Closet, Mechanical – Storage Room
First Level | 1 Bedroom, en-suite bathroom, Build-In Closet, private balcony, sea view, 1
Guest Bathroom, Kitchen, Living Room, Gas Fireplace, Build-In Closet
Second Level | 3 Bedroom, en-suite bathroom, Build-In Closet, private balcony, sea view

Outdoor Area | Special Quality Characteristics, Overall Interior Comfort Details, Overall
Bedrooms Comfort Details, Swimming Pool, Integrated Systems – HVAC
Project Information | Modern Design, 0,1 km Coastline, Swimming Pool, Private Parking,
Eco-friendly Villa

We suggest you the construction of a completely minimal Villa in the Greek Riviera in Porto Heli. It is designed on 3 levels with a total area of 300 sq. m in an imposing area of 4000 sq. m.
In addition to design and construction, Stokas Inc. also undertook the interior design of this luxury villa. The whole furniture was designed exclusively for this house with special care and emphasis on the application of materials and textures so as to emphasise the unique nature of the house. Scandinavian style at its finest.

The white marble of Thassos, the black imperial marble of Centaur and the cement mortar are all combined with the light and make the interior of the house look like a gallery. Our goal was to combine minimalism with Scandinavian style to create a sense of relaxation, rejuvenation and luxury. Our definition of luxury is seen in simple lines of gray and matt neutral tones found in a white room with soft upholstery. All in one for your best comfort.

the property


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